Synergy’s Mission
A world where real estate & economic development professionals are working together to create better communities.

Synergy’s Journey
To improve the working relationship between the different “economies” of the public and private sectors in order to accomplish the Mission.

Synergy’s Direction
We apply a private sector market driven real estate developer/investor perspective to all of our assignments.  We have learned that far too often this perspective is the difference in a project’s ability to attract necessary capital and talent to result in long-term sustainability.  We accomplish this because we are real estate & economic development professionals with the value-added experience of being deal-makers with end users. See Brokered Deals.

Synergy’s Navigation
We navigate the territories between public, private, research and development by identifying market demands and satisfying those demands with feasible and sustainable Real Estate & Economic Development Projects.  We navigate by following The Synergy Approach through The Synergy Method©  utilizing The Synergy Toolbox in order to address Questions The Synergy Method© Answers.  This is our tested and disciplined way of navigating our clients to a balance between the public and private domains and between research and development so our clients’ projects result in synergizing their assets in order to optimize their returns goals.